Friday Night Cocktails comes to you from Texas, USA. Sort of.

Tonight’s contributor is our old friend and stalwart colleague Tracy Ann Ball

Alright, what is it?Margarita  
And where did you sample it?La Mansion del Rio Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas, USA  
What, you mean in Texas? Good heavens, weren’t there lots of cowboys about?   No- I was with my  husband Jon, seated outside overlooking the river at Trev’s Bistro  
And what ingredients did Trev use?Patron orange liqueur, Grand Marnier, Patron reposado tequila, agave nectar and lime juice  
Gosh, that’s a mouthful-was it good?Well, firstly it was delicious, not watery, but strong and flavourful, without tasting massively alcoholic. It seemed the essence of our Texas holiday. It was served in a pretty, coloured, swirly glass and we were sat on a terrasse overlooking the river watching the world go by under a blue sky while the girls were enjoying the pool.
Add a bit more for less fortunate readers…………It was warm and sunny, some people were working on the planting along the riverbank, but most people were strolling, enjoying the surroundings
And your husband?Jon liked it too!

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