Friday Night Cocktails: Big Tom and Bloody Mary

Our thanks this week to an inspiring teacher, mentor, polymath, musician and friend, Mr Mike Mooney

When we asked Mike for a contribution to Friday Night Cocktails, he was forthright:

“There’s only one cocktail for me. One massive measure of vodka, mixed with double that of Big Tom. Yum!”

When we pressed him for a little more detail he replied:

“Big Tom is a spiced tomato juice (RRP £2.69) that has the perfect combination of Worcester sauce, Tabasco, pepper, salt, celery salt and everything else besides. The addition of ice depends on the outside temperature: in summer yes, in winter no.”

We must admit we hadn’t heard of Big Tom until now. But thanks to Mike we have found their fun website and thoroughly recommend its lists of recipes and tales. Including why the Bloody Mary should be stirred with a stick of celery, and many other thoughts and ideas.

Thanks, Michael and a happy weekend to all our thinkers everywhere.

Bloody Mary – James White Drinks (

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