Message for nostalgists-no one in the past had CRISPR

Before you go off to wallow in nostalgia for some lost Golden Age, think what it was like to have cancer back then. Or many other diseases. In a nutshell, think of a world before CRISPR, because here’s what it can do.

Israeli scientists at the University of Tel Aviv have started using the technique to successfully cure cancer, so far its only in mice, but the implications are enormous We won’t spoil the story from Charlotte Mitchell for the Mail online, but here’s a taster:

[Professor Dan] Peer said that his team plan to develop the treatment for all cancers and that the technique could be ready to use on humans within two years.

We frankly confess that CRISPR can be a bit hard to understand for us. We’ve posted a link to Wikipedia if you want to dig deeper. Spoiler alert; it’s not like a thriller novel that you take on the beach for your holidays!

Good news always puts a song in our heart at LSS. WE are reminded of the word of Fleetwood Mac, a popular musical singing group, from their 1977 Album Rumours:

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow//Don’t stop. It’ll soon be here//It’ll be better than before//Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone

writer: C McVie

Israeli scientists kill cancer cells with ground-breaking DNA-altering treatment CRISPR | Daily Mail Online

CRISPR – Wikipedia

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