Friday Night Cocktails-A classic Brandy Alexander

This week our guest is Mrs Margaret Foster of Dorset. We know from personal experience that she is a fine cook too-but that might be for another week.

What is your favourite cocktail?Brandy Alexander
IngredientsVodka, brandy, crème de cacao, cream, grated nutmeg
MethodPut three ice cubes in a shaker. Add one measure brandy, one of vodka and one measure of crème de cacao. Shake hard and pour to a classic cocktail glass without the ice. Sprinkle the grated nutmeg to decorate
Where do you drink it?At home-the best place to be
Who are you with?My husband, Foss and as many cats as we can cram in. They get any left-over cream!
Why is this cocktail good?Cream, chocolate, brandy – what’s not to like!
What is going on around you?Log fire and Scandinavian contemporary jazz
Who else likes this one?Foss, my husband
Anything else?Don’t drink more than four-there could be unfortunate consequences.

#brandyalexander #scandinavianjazz #scandinaviandetectives #cremedecacao #brandy

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