Friday Cocktails-The Witch’s Heart

This week’s cocktail is adapted from one given to us by the well known bon viveur, raconteur and all round English Gent Mr Stephen Smith of Berkshire. For legal reasons, we have adapted it slightly.

The Witch’s Heart (adapted)

A subtle, sophisticated blend, designed to create a genuinely spooky atmosphere for things like Halloween parties, fancy dress or a big night in watching old Hammer movies on the last surviving VHS in Southern England. So, lockdown permitting, fly your broomstick down to Waitrose and purchase the following for your potion:

apple brandy or apple vodka; grenadine; shimmery blackberry liqueur; Martini glass

Get some  ice and powder it.

The spell:Put 1 measure of apple brandy and 1 measure of blackberry liqueur in a shaker. Add 1 ice cube and shake for a few seconds to chill. Now work quickly, as follows:

Add 1 tsp of powdered ice to the martini glass. Pour contents of shaker into glass, top up with more blackberry liqueur. Now add one teaspoon of grenadine, which should sink through the mix adding a “bleeding” effect for all you horror fans. Finally sprinkle a little more powdered ice on top and serve.

Recommended music : Witchcraft as sung by Frank Sinatra

Smiffy, as we used to call him, was one of the best mentors whom we have ever worked for. His own recipe is a lot more exciting than this, but we have to a be a bit cautious on a public blog, and we know he and you will understand.

#cocktails #applebrandy #franksinatra #witchcraft

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