Friday Night Cocktails with Dr Stephen Day

This week we are more than proud to welcome Dr Stephen Day of Norfolk, the noted scientist and educationalist as our cocktail guest columnist.

How about this one, which came from the once-popular Guinness Black list, published in 1976 ?
Guinness and Barley Wine:
Guinness Extra Stout is a fine, dark brew, but many find it excessively bitter. Barley Wine, as a genre of beer has been much neglected of late. It is excessively strong- perhaps 7-8%, generally sold in third of a pint bottles (or “nips”) and also too sweet for many beer drinkers’ tastes. However, combining the two can produce a fine, strong and drinkable pint.
Colloquially known as “Blacksmith” because it is a strong with a punch, I first discovered it in the Coach and Horses on Whiteladies Road, Bristol. Simply pour half a pint of Guinness Extra Stout into a pint glass, rolling it slowly down the side to avoid an excessive head. Once settled, introduce a barley wine of your choice- I recommend Adnams “Tally-Ho“- again pouring it slowly down the side of the glass into the head of the Guinness. If it has a sediment, pour that in too. Finally top up with further Guinness to make a full pint. Find a comfortable, padded, seat, put “The Doors” on your sound system and sip gently. The burnt aroma, smooth texture and juxaposition of bitter and sweet tastes make for a complex drink that is to be savoured, not rushed. It is probably one for the end of an evening or as a nightcap as, in the end, it is a little heady.

Nevertheless we at LSS can see it as an early evening sharpener, for those who like to mix traditional flavours. Thanks, Steve- and keep those recipes coming!

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