Antibiotics-should you always finish your course?

We at LSS always insist that the gathering shortage of antibiotics will soon present the world with a health crisis so grave that the current Covid-19 crisis will look like a day out at the zoo, followed by beer and skittles. Clearly we have to eke out the antibiotics we have until new ones come along. And this will take time-even if we took back all the money from all the tax havens in the world and spent it on research, it still takes several years to get a safe drug into mass production.

Up to now, we have always been told to finish our course of antibiotics-because at base they are so precious. Now Dr Paul Offit, a leading US paediatrician, thinks that may be a mistake. Read why in this piece from the Daily Mail‘s health section. It is of course, upset-the-apple-cart stuff. But thought provoking as well. And for your pleasure, the good Professor charges full tilt at SPF creams, aspirin and hearts, and refuses to bend the knee to arthritic operations. Thought provoking stuff.

#antibioticresistance #antibiotics #pauloffit #arthritis

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