Friday Night Cocktails: Mr Lindsay Charlton tells it like it is

Today we are honoured to welcome the noted journalist, broadcaster and entrepreneur Mr Lindsay Charlton of Kent as our cocktail guest

Cocktail: Ice cold Martini

“One day, dehydrated after a hot day’s filming, I found myself on my own in the cocktail lounge of Don Cesar Hotel, Florida, a pink oceanside palace that featured in Once Upon a Time in America. (In the scene, Robert De Niro wore a 1930s men’s bathing cosie with a bib and shoulder straps. Didn’t suit him).

“Anyway, I told the barman that I had never had a proper Martini before, but he said that he’d soon sort that for me. This is what he did:

Ingredients: ice cold gin, olive, twist of lemon, quite a lot more iced gin.

“Forthwith, I drank: Martini so good, so astonishingly strong that I relaxed entirely, savouring the ambience, the light chatter in the air conditioned bar, and the gentle murmuring of music. It wasn’t long before I had ordered a second, and downed that too. Minutes later, having entirely lost the power of speech, I had to be helped off of the bar stool and padded off somewhat asynchronistically to dinner.  I realised when I had fully regained consciousness that the Martini was not for the amateur cocktail drinker. (you’re dead right there-ed)

Who else drinks them? Everyone knows that. But how he, 007, shoots straight after drinking them is beyond me.

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