Domestic Violence Awareness Month-it’s a worldwide thing

No crime is worse than domestic violence, pitting a strong big man against a smaller, weaker woman. It’s just cowardice. And no tyranny is more total than a domestic tyranny. That’s why we want to offer today’s little blog in support of the sterling efforts of campaigners everywhere against this atrocity.

Domestic violence awareness month seems still to be an American thing, judging by its media footprint. Our link offerings are therefore to an excellent US site called Domestic Violence-it’s everybody’s business. We’ll take one little fact-ette for you gentle readers: in the US there is a victim every 15 seconds. So what’s it like in other countries? There’s loads of facts here, ideas on how you can help, even if it’s only by wearing a purple ribbon.

Back across this side of the pond, we found this marvellous little link. Jamie Brassington of the Smethwick Express and Star tells how a marvellous little Sikh Temple in the Black Country have cover themselves in purple for the whole month in support of the campaign. They are called Guru Nanak Gurdwara, and we are sure that donations to the roof fund will not go unappreciated

And finally..spare a thought for our four legged friends. The decision for a woman to bail out of abusive relationship can be agonising. One more agony is if she has to leave her beloved cat or dog behind. Now Purina Petfoods have come up with the Purple Leash Project. The idea is to help victims move on their pets, and care and support these poor animals during the dreadful transition process. Declaration of Interest: none. We get no money from Purina, but we think they’re great. For the record, ours is a Whiskas household!

#domesticviolence #domesticabuse #purpleribbon #purina #purpleleash

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