Covid-19 has a nasty surprise-and it’s a fungus

Regular readers of this blog and Facebook will have noted our strong interest in the dangers of antibiotic resistant microorganisms. Up to now, we’ve had a bit of a bias towards bacteria-but fungi are microoganisms too, and they can be deadly.

“Eramos pocos, y se pario la abuela” say the Spanish, which loosely translated means “it never rains but it pours.” And so amid the general woe caused by COVID-19 , Live Science and National Geographic report the rise of a virulent strain of a yeast called Candida auris. And it’s not nice; it can affect ears, open wounds, and enter the bloodstream. We link to Nicolette Lanese, but through her you can get to National Geographic and the US Centre for Disease Control.

Before Covid-19, some of us were worried that an antibiotic resistant superbug would be the next pandemic. Well, here’s Covid-19 dragging one in its wake, so to speak. It’s worth keeping up with things like this, because, to put it bluntly, it’s your family at risk.

If you want to contribute to solving the problem of superbugs, please visit the site of antibiotic research UK Please listen to their appeal on Radio 4 this Sunday 1st November 2020

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