Friday Night Cocktails: this week Mr Peter Seymour recalls a memorable night in Tenerife

Attentive readers will recall the name of Mr Peter Seymour of Hertfordshire as an assiduous scourer of the world’s media for informative articles on rather serious subjects such as Political Economy, Science and Medicine. Yet even he has time to relax, as this piece about life in the brash, far-off nineteen eighties makes clear.

“My choice for cocktail hour is the Dark Mojito, for which I supply the recipe below. As with all cocktails, it is often the circumstances which make a particular recipe memorable. They are as follows:

The Place : John L Gardner’s Ringside Bar, Playa Las Americas Tenerife

The Company: Mr Gary Herbert of Buckinghamshire

The Circumstances: “After an exhausting day in the sun by the swimming pool, it was back to the room to get ready for the evening. Gary and I would take about 5 minutes to do this and we would go for an aperitif while our respective other halves (Mrs Seymour and Mrs Herbert- ed) needed a bit longer to get ready. We ordered our drinks, mine a draft lager and then there was what became the customary 6.00 power cut. It seems that although Las Americas had lots of shiny new hotels, nobody had thought to hire a decent electrician. So when all of the hair dryers went on at 6.00pm there was a power cut. More importantly the pump in the bar wouldn’t work either and so I couldn’t get my lager. Rather than wait for the power to come back on Bill, the manager, suggested a cocktail. On looking at the cocktail menu I discovered the dark mojito and have never looked back.

If you go to the excellent website Rum Therapy, you will find an excellent recipe as recommended by Mr Seymour. This site has numerous recipes for other rum drinks, and many excellent pictures.

Coda: Mr Seymour also informed us that while on this island, he was mistaken for the popular 1970s boxer Joe Bugner. Perhaps he should have tried a Rum Punch instead!

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