Climate Change: seeing both sides

We at LSS are determined that all sides of arguments shall be represented. Even if we cannot agree, we will at least signpost you to the other side. It’s what Bertrand Russell would have wanted, as we have explained ad nauseam.

So here, via The Conversation, is a piece by Paul Braterman about the work of the Reverend John MacArthur of the Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. The Reverend MacArthur is a keen denier of the reality of climate change. Here his scientific views are assessed by Braterman. Meanwhile attentive readers will have enough information to get to the Reverend MacArthur’s sites if they wish.

It is not that we at LSS are enemies of people of faith. We may wonder why, if faith is a guide on scientific matters, so many Christians are divided on them. We welcome the honest opinions and comments of people of faith on all matters, even scientific ones like global warming. Our doubts begin when they begin to question the integrity of the scientific process itself. A literal reading of Bible scripture is all very well. But it could become vulnerable in time to questions of authorship, translation and consistency. And if those questions are asked of scientists, they have every right to ask them in turn.


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