Read A Spanish Press article without speaking a word(it’s that good)

Language teachers have always known: make it visual, make it useful, and they’ll want to learn.

So, gentle readers do you want to know how progress is going on Covid-19 vaccines? What are the types of vaccine? How they work? And how far they have got? It’s all in the attached article by Artur Galocha in El Pais.

We think that the graphics and visuals are so good that most people will understand what’s happening. You could use your translator. But here’s a bit of fun. Try this glossary and see if you can work out a bit of what he’s saying for yourself. Are all the words really that different? Try looking for words you know in English, especially nouns. Maybe you’re better at languages than you thought you were!

quéWhich, what

#covid19 #vaccine #trials #phase3 #sars-cov-2 #coronavirus

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