Covid 19: Is Africa coping better than the USA?

As the American death toll passes 200 000 and even the President and his team are ravaged by the Sars-Cov-2 virus, spare a thought for Africa, where they’re coping quite well, actually. Everyone remembers all those predictions in the Dog and Duck just before the pandemic. “Oh it’ll destroy Africa, their countries will collapse, blah blah.”

Not so. Liberia, population 5 million, has had only 82 deaths. Senegal, population 16 million, only has 302 deaths. Karen Attah for the Washington Post, surveys the story in the round. It should change your assumptions about this and many other things. (Spoiler alert: we sometimes get opening and paywall issues with the Washington Post. But it is a fine publication, and well worth the effort. so here are two links to try!)

We thank Dr S P Day of Norfolk for this story



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2 thoughts on “Covid 19: Is Africa coping better than the USA?

  1. Not just deaths though Keir?
    What about long term effects on those that survive it? No figures for that yet?
    Couldn’t access links! Is it to do with the immune system and African resistance to viruses in general?


  2. martin i am sorry about the links try going to the washington post they let a few free ones through the general point is that african countries have coped rather well, perhaps due to their experiences handling ebola


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