The Conversation-what a web site!

If the world is going to divide into hostile ethnic and religious tribes (see the works of Amy Chua and Eric Kaufman), then why not start a tribe for the educated and intelligent? We have a right to survive as well. We had even hoped that LSS might play a small part in this. Now thanks to our indefatigable interlocutor, Mr Peter Seymour of Hertfordshire, we have been guided to a site that so exactly fulfils the role that we wonder why we are writing this.

“Academic rigour, journalistic flair” is their mission statement. And they cover everything. science, medicine, practical everyday psychology, business, arts. All written in lively, sparkling prose-but all by experts in their fields, with more letters after their names than the post office.

Mr Seymour himself wants you to read this piece om procrastination. Most of us have worked for at least one boss who does that, and here’s why they do it.

To tax or not to tax? And how much? It has bedevilled the whole discourse since at least 1910. Here Professor Vanhuysse has a new insight


Well, that’s just two examples. My lords, ladies and gentlemen, educated intelligent people everywhere, the Conversation is a new Renaissance. Read it-and learn.

#theconversation #psychology #taxes

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