Foundation for Climate Restoration

The most important thing to know when you have a problem is to know that someone can do something about it. It’s called hope. As the Coalition of the Greedy and the Ignorant smash up the planet, it’s not just a question of stopping them. it’s also a question of offering practical, targeted solutions.

Once such is the Foundation for Climate Restoration*, whose admirable initiatives are well covered by Santi Carneri in El Pais today.* Their essential aim is to restore the atmosphere to preindustrial levels of CO2 by 2050. That’s about 300 ppm, give or take the odd ppm. Nice aim, guys-but how are you going to make that one stick? Well, their aim is to bring in all stakeholders-business, governments, ONGs, religious groups and ordinary citizens, to make the elimination of CO2 commercially viable. That’s the key bit for us: give enough people a selfish motive and the common good will result. The ghost Adam Smith will be cheering from the sidelines. The organisation’s website and Santi’s piece will give you some good reading; once again, we want to get out of the way. What impresses us is the array of stakeholders that they are bringing in. We particularly like the Canadian firm Carbon Engineering, whose link is posted below.

here’s two for the foundation

This one is El Pais; translators at the ready!

And this SHOULD get you to carbon engineering

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