Carbon Neutral Google shows the way

It isn’t often wen get a ray of sunshine in times as gloomy as these, but we couldn’t stop ourselves from congratulating Google on reducing their corporate emissions to zero. (tell them to look at the link below-Ed.) Funny how that company has so crept up in our lives and language! “What was the total exports of industrial resin molds from New Brunswick 1997-2011? Oh, I’ll Google it!” “How many times did Royal Engineers defeat Woolwich Arsenal in the Cup Final? Google it!” It’s a verb now meaning to search on the internet, and deservedly so. Even its competitors are just pale imitations, like Prosecco compared to Moet et Chandon. And if you remember Ask Jeeves, then you must be an Oasis fan.

According to the article from the BBC*, Apple and Microsoft are now hurrying to following suit. Haters of capitalism might not like it, but really big companies can show the way. Unlike certain governments, they are not in hock to various special interests. How long now before other organisations and corporations of high ethical standards follow suit? How about Saudi Aramco? The Southern Baptist Convention? News Corp? We await with pleasure. Meantime, we are off to google some tea bags and milk, as we fancy a cup of tea.

#carbonneutral #globalwarming #google #bbcnews #microsoft #apple

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