Cocktail Night-we’re for recycling too

In these days of massive climate change, species extinction and pollution, we should all be recycling more, throwing less away, and making more of what we have. We at LSS are no strangers to this spirit. Our aim tonight is to show you how to make use of leftovers that nobody wants to make some delicious cocktails. Get some vitamin C. And save the planet


Look at the half used carton of orange juice lying forlorn in your fridge. Going to chuck it? Or how about making a delicious Harvey Wallbanger? 6 ice cubes. 1 measure vodka. 0.5 measures galliano. 3 measures of orange juice. Yes we know you should normally use the juice of real oranges- but this is an emergency!

Lime juice

Got an old bottle of lime juice you were using in the hot weather, but is now burning space on a the shelf? Burn it up with Lime Gin Fizz . 5 ice cubes 2 measures white gin 1 measure lime cordial sparkling mineral water to top up. Watch the ice melt and think of the glaciers in the alps, where you won’t be going skiing any longer.


Remember when you bought a mini prosecco in Sainsbury’s, because it seemed a good idea in 2017? Since when it has lain unused among the onions and old courgettes at the bottom of the fridge? Send it to heaven with a Blue Prosecco. Just pop the wine into a flute glass, add half a measure of blue curacao and a cherry to decorate!

There, you’ve done your bit. Now kick off your shoes, sit back and relax, it’s Friday night.

The ideas for this week are based on The Ultimate Cocktail Book, Hamlyn, 2002

#recycling #globalwarming #cocktails

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