Racists of all colours, you’re wasting your time

Racists, racialists, ethno-nationalists and whatever they want to call themselves of all colours can stop now; they’re wasting their time. Because quite soon a new race will be rising among us whose differences and potentialities will be so profound that our own petty differences will be small indeed. This race will be a fusion of human tissue and AI made possible by a breakthrough in materials science described by Anthony Cuthbertson in the Independent.*

Up to now, attempts to produce stable interfaces between human neural tissue and AI systems depended on the use of metals such as gold. The problem is that these produce scarring in the human tissue, leading to profound interferences in data transfer.. Now a new material called Pedot developed by Dr David Martin and his team at the University of Delaware, seems to provide the missing link which will allow a stable interface. And it can’t come a moment too soon. Experts like Elon Musk believe we have at most five years before the capability of the human brain is overtaken by AI computers. Unless we find a way to incorporate this power into ourselves, we will be history.

Imagine creatures who no longer need spend ten years learning a language; they simply download it and several others into their neural circuits. Now imagine the same process for all skills sets from cookery to astrophysics. Will they really have ancestors whom they can call a race? Will they care?

We thank Mr Peter Seymour of Hertfordshire for the link to this article; he has been bringing new things to our attention for more than fifty years.


#artificialintelligence #racism #ethnonationalism #cyborg #humanmachineinterface

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