Cornavirus: Start of the Chinese Century

Whisper it if you dare, but we may be witnessing a most profound shift in the geopolitical balance of power. If the authors John Micklethwait and Adrian Woolridge (The Wake Up Call) are correct then 2020 may be marked by future historians when power passed from the elderly white men who have run the globe for so long to other peoples, who turned out to be better organised and more realistic.

Today Micklethwait presents a summary of his work in an article for the Daily Mail, which we link below.* The reasons the article resonates with us at LSS are: firstly it’s in the Mail, normally a staunch friend to say the least of Tory Governments. Yet the article flays Cummings and Johnson alive. When that happens, you know objectivity has trumped partisanship. Secondly, that it coincides with several trends that have been worrying us for years. The endless denigration of all things public, and the exaltation of private luxury, have long seemed a source of collective weakness to us here. The authors cite Britain as their prime case: it does indeed seem to have performed relatively badly. But as the former leading western nation for so long, there is a very strong case to answer. Thirdly, the endless parade of facts which the authors deploy-that’s when you know you’ve hit a good one. Over to you-please?

#declineof west #riseofchina #wakeupcall #coronavirus

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