Coronavirus Crisis-it’s women who excel

When we were young, the typical manager was a swaggering charismatic male, who Got Things Done and Cut Corners, who was loud and brash, big with the ladies and always had a ready turn of phrase. They came in various shapes and sizes, but older British readers might remember some one like Inspector Reagan from the old Sweeney TV series. Women in such cultures were seen as weak, confused and ultimately second rate.

As we grew older, our experience was curiously at odds with this pattern. We knew good and bad managers of both sexes. We saw things being done, and things falling apart. And all to often the hard-living Alpha Male turned out to be a bluffer, a bully and a cheat-or at least a failure who made snap decisions based on intuition and impulse.

Now the evidence is coming in that female leaders have been handling the Covid crisis better than their male counterparts. Here’s a story from the Metro, brought to us by the indefatigable Mr Peter Seymour of Hertfordshire comparing the performance of female leaders with that of men. Guess who’s done better?

Women leaders acted ‘more quickly and decisively’ to save lives from Covid-19

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