The Imperfectibility of Man-a warning instead of cocktail night

In 1970 a man called John Passmore wrote a book called The Perfectibility of Man. There have always been thinkers who feel that all human beings (that is what “man” meant back in 1970) have a natural goodness, common sense, and canny wisdom which makes them ready to scale any moral and intellectual heights. Quite soon we will be living like those goody-goody aliens in Star Trek, all white tunics and blonde curly wigs, capturing the crews of passing spaceships and giving them lessons in Peace and Love.

Professor Passmore was refreshingly sceptical about such hopes. But in case you still harbour such illusions allow us to put the last nail in the coffin of universal human goodness and wisdom with the following tale based on real evidence. People have been drinking hand sanitiser to get drunk. That’s right, there’s lots of it about with all this covid business, so why not take the chance to get a free high?

Today we run a hybrid of links from America’s CDC and Medical Express, where the same findings are written up a little more accessibly. In May and June in the states of Arizona and New Mexico, fifteen people were rushed to hospital because they had been knocking back hand sanitiser which contained methanol. Of course four died and three went blind, because that’s what methanol does to you. We at LSS imagine that this is the tip of the iceberg, as they say up in Greenland.

People at all levels make mistakes. Think of Ford and the Edsel. New Coke. That German bloke who decided to invade Russia, mainly because he’d always wanted to. But it’s not just those at the top who mess up. So, as this will be our last blog for a few days, let’s leave you with this thought, gentle readers. Look at the people around you. Some of them may be very ill-advised indeed.

we thank Mr Lindsay Charlton of Kent for this story

#handsanitiser #methanol #humanstupidity

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