Corona Cures-Bloomberg tells us exactly what’s happening

There’s an old story from the teaching profession. A teacher’s wife asks him “how did the lesson go today?” And he replies “Badly. The lesson was fine, but the pupils were too stupid to understand it.” Teaching is all about communication: if they don’t understand it is the teacher’s fault, not theirs.

Good journalism is like good teaching-it communicates difficult ideas in way that is easy to understand, and leaves us wanting more. Such is the case with Bloomberg writers Cristin Flanagan, Riley Griffin and Robert Langreth.* In one short article, they summarise everything you need to know about what’s happening in the world of Covid-19. Vaccine development, anti-virals and secondary drugs like dexamethasone are all there. At this point, we are going to get out of the way and say: read and enjoy. Especially if you are the President of the United States, as your knowledge of the subject so far seems to be a little lacking in some areas . Well, we’re only trying to help!

We thank Mr Lindsay Charlton of Kent for this piece

#coronavirus #covid19 #sars-cov-2 #vaccine #antiviral #dexamethasone

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