Magnetic Pole Flips-getting more likely?


Long-suffering readers of LSS will recall our little blog of April 20 2020, wherein we drew attention to the terrible risks of what might happen if the Earth’s magnetic poles suddenly “flipped” and north became south. Using access to the best sources, we adduced that it would start gradually. that there would be a period of instability lasting for years and decades, but that eventually all would settle down again. But with a few less humans! Because that during that time all of our satellites, IT systems, power generation and navigational systems would go “down”, as they say in the computer industry. Remember- or were you too busy with your Easter eggs?

The last flip was over 780 000 years ago, so statistically one is due any time now. One of the key signs would be a gradual, but noticeable weakening in the field. Now researchers at Liverpool University have found evidence that this may be happening in a large area of the Southern Hemisphere called the South Atlantic Anomaly. According to researchers Yael Annemiek Engbers and Andrew Biggin, the field down there is now so weak that it is noticeably affecting the behaviour of overflying satellites. There seems to be a key patch of the inner earth, about 2889 km down that has completely de-aligned from the main contours of our magnetic field. Worryingly, it has now been growing for over 250 years.

As befits good scientists, the researches point out that there is a chance that the phenomenon may be caused by long developing processes in that particular region of the earth’s core. There is always a null hypothesis, gentle readers! We at LSS respect that, but point out that complacency never got anyone anywhere. Keep topping up those supplies of tinned food!

we post links from science direct and of course PNAS

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