Friday Night Cocktails-Russia

Following the allegations by the UK, the USA and Canada that those naughty Russians have been hacking their Covid-19 research facilities, we thought that tonight should have a Russian theme. Remember, oh my droogs, that these are just allegations-nothing has been proved! *

So, for all you thirsty malchicks and devotchkas, we have not one but two Russian-themed cocktail recipes for you tonight.

The Black Russian

You don’t need a bolshy great shaker for this, oh my brothers. Just get about four big ice cubes (plenty of them in Russia) and add two measures of vodka. 1 measure Kahlua. Decorate with a chocolate stick. Some persons like theirs topped up with coca cola or pepsi, but that is strictly an optional extra. Da?

The White Russian

You’ll need a shaker, droogies. Put five ice cubes theirin. Add one measure vodka, and one of Tia Maria. Ideally you need to add 1 measure of double cream, but if you can’t get it, the old moloko will do. Shake like you’ve just been handed a ten year stretch in the gulag, and pour into a tall glass. Some say a straw is hrorshow for this one, but we say it’s up to you.

And so – a toast. To Russian-British friendship. Let the findings of all our scientists be shared world-wide as soon as possible!

#covid19 #hacking #cocktails

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