As the world burns, we need more leadership

The news of sweltering temperatures in Siberia should now be enough to awaken basic fears in anyone who wants any sort of future. Their decade-long series of heat waves culminating this year in record breaking temperatures, can only reasonably be explained by human global warming, as our links make clear. ** So what’s the beef? Siberia’s a big place, you might be tempted to say. Well, that is the problem; it’s so big that it holds colossal areas of permafrost. That in turn contains colossal amounts of methane, which as every schoolchild knows, does a far better job of global warming than carbon dioxide ever did.* Twenty five times better in fact. It is perfectly possible to envisage a real runaway greenhouse effect now. Siberia goes down releasing all that methane, which in turn triggers North America above the 60th parallel and the rest of the Arctic. If it was just CO2, we might have controlled it, but this……..

All of which calls for global leadership, during which people at the top earn their money by drafting new laws, setting up research programmes and above all setting the tone, like the grown-ups are meant to. And, to be fair to Vladimir Putin, he did let this data go out. There are a quite a number of regimes around the world who try to bury any bad news, whatever the consequences. But what of his great friend Donald Trump-what example did he set? As his contribution, the Immortal Thinker of Pennsylvania Avenue has announced a review of environmental impact reviewing, making it easier for polluters to get away with even more damage and destruction. The fact that our link is from Forbes today should show that it is not Green Commie Propaganda. Read it; but he most important fact is that Trump wants to eliminate the requirement to assess the impact of global warming on new projects. Yet we still hope that the President of The United States might be more curious about the effects of global warming. Let him therefore answer one question, just to get started: what will be the effect of rising temperatures on hair lacquer, and will new brands be needed?

This link is from inside climate news, which we recommend to anyone who wants to read up more

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