UK coronavirus response-was the Government to blame, or the scientists?

Ok, Ok, maybe the response of the UK to coronavirus hasn’t been all it should be. And the finger goes round and round, pointing the blame and everyone gets hot under the collar. We can all find a good reason to throw some mud at someone we don’t like. We at LSS really, truly do believe in hearing both sides and getting to the truth. It all goes back to a guy called Bertrand Russell, but more of him another day.

Oddly enough, the man who introduced us to Bertrand Russell was well known broadcaster and entrepreneur Mr Lindsay Charlton. And that same Mr Charlton has brought a well written Reuters article to our attention, which makes the point that it was the scientists who were to blame, not the government. This is what Lindsay says

….how UK scientists were slow to respond to Coronavirus and the disastrous decision to end contact tracing. This detailed Reuter’s report makes sobering reading. British politicians may have “followed the science”, but early advice was flawed. Whitehall’ obsession with secrecy excluded local health teams from decision making, and the narrow definition of covid symptoms allowed the virus to spread. Required Reading!

Anyway, its a great piece, with the lovely title Into the fog. There’s a whole group of Reuterfolk, so get your credits off of the link. All we will say is-we love to see good reporting with dedicated teams of professionals. Required reading indeed.

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