Friday Night Cocktails Champagne Quiz Answers

Champagne quiz

1 How many bottles of champagne were shipped in 2018?

A 203 million   B 302 million   C 906 million    D 23 million

 B 302 million

2 Theobald II was the brother of which English King?

A Henry B William C Stephen D Richard

C Stephen

3 What are the ingredients of a Cheshire Cat?

Brandy, Sweet vermouth, Champagne, ice, orange juice

4 What does CM Mean?

Cooperative de manipulation

5 How many Jeroboams is one Melchizidek?


6 Pick the odd one out

Pinot Grigio   Pinot Noir    White Chardonnay    Pinot Meunier

Pinot grigio-not used in champagne

7 According to Etymologists, the name “champagne” is related to which Italian region?


8 What was the vintage year and brand of Champagne used at the wedding of Price Charles and Lady Diana Spencer?

Dom Perignon 1961

9 What is the connection between the popular musical singing group Queen and Formula 1 racing?

Moet et Chandon   Lyrics to Killer Queen and used as prize for winner

10 Which of the following is not used in a traditional champagne cocktail?

A Brandy B Sugar Syrup C Angostura Bitters   D Sugar lump

B Sugar syrup

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