Has your cat saved you from COVID?

We at LSS have always suffered from mental collapse when confronted with Immunology. The proliferation of entities, processes and concepts is just sheer too much for us. All those different T cells, lymphocytes, feedback loops, and molecules! Then one thing starts if something else doesn’t, but doesn’t if a third one infects you on a Wednesday with an R in the month……..

But one person not so fazed is Sophie Goodchild of the Mail.* She has combed through an enormous quantity of experts and journals, including the formidable Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology *to ask the question “are people with allergies less likely to get a Covid-19 infection? And if so why?” There’s a lot of fascinating stuff here, so we will get out of Sophie’s way, inviting you to the link. However, we would note that the key seems to be in the number of ACE2 receptors on the membranes in the lung cells of allergy sufferers. But please read it for your selves.

Meanwhile, an extra ration of tuna for our favourite pet on Saturday night, with thanks?



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