Friday Night is Cocktail night

We at LSS have never been afraid to tackle the crucial social issues of our time. And now another has come up- is it best to use oranges or lemons in a cocktail?

It all started when a letter flooded in from Lady M—–, of Collingwood Gardens South Kensington, and Brinkley Court, Gloucestershire. “Oh Cocktailmeister”, she writes, “Oh cocktailmeister, is it better to use oranges or lemons in a cocktail for one’s guests?” Well, these people are running the country now, so we thought we’d better come up with an answer. And the way to do it is to let you, the people decide. We shall offer a choice for you to try, and make your own minds up. Let’s start with lemon. It can be frightfully sour stuff, so the drinks tend to be short.

Brandy Sour

5 ice cubes; juice of 1 lemon; 3 measures good brandy; (Courvoisier or Remi Martin -none of that Spanish stuff you picked up at Malaga airport) 3 drops angostura; 1/2 measure sugar syrup. Mix in a shaker, hold back the cubes : then pour to a cocktail glass and decorate with lemon peel.

Between the Sheets

As many a teacher used to declaim “We’ve done this before!” But for the benefit of those who weren’t paying attention last time, here we go again:

5 cubes ice; 1.5measures brandy (see above); 1 measure white rum; 0.5 measure Cointrea;. 1 measure lemon juice; 0.75 measure sugar syrup. Mix in a shaker, hold back the cubes; pour to a cocktail glass and decorate with lemon peel.

Now for the orange. As, on the whole, orange juice isn’t so sour, we are able to offer a classic long shot and a shorter classic

Harvey Wallbanger

1 measure vodka; 3 measures fresh orange juice ;1/2 measure Galliano. You shake in your Bond- style shaker, but this time the cubes go in with the mix to a long glass. You can decorate this with slices of orange.


Here’s one for a classic cocktail glass. 1 measure dry vermouth;1 measure fresh orange juice; 1/2 measure Cointreau; 1 measure grenadine; 2 measures dry white gin. Once again, shake ’em up in the good ol’ shaker, and pour to your best Dartington crystal glass. Hold back the ice. Peel or slices of orange to decorate

Still can’t decide? Or a fan of compromise and coalition? Then we invite you to try the recipe for the Singapore Gin Sling. There’s your homework.

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