Friday Night Cocktails. The Answers

We once again thank Paul and Lindsay for providing us with these answers to our quiz.

1 When is it generally agreed that “cocktails” were first created? 

The first reference to a cocktail was in 1806. In that year, an American  gentleman’s magazine called strangely enough The Balance and Columbian Repository described “a stimulating  drink composed of any kind of sugar, alcohol and bitters” – as “a cocktail”

2 One of the earliest cocktails was called an “Old Fashioned”. What is its main ingredient?

 Rye Whisky

3 Bringing things up to date – what was the world’s best- selling cocktail in 2019?

An Old Fashioned!

4 What goes into a White Russian?

Vodka, Kahlua (or coffee liqueur) and cream

5 What is the “pink” in a pink lady?


6 Which Cuban classic consists of white rum, lime juice, sugar, soda water, and crushed mint?


7 Who claims to have invented the daiquiri and which bar did he make famous in Havana?

 Ernest Hemingway-Floridita

8  Who sung Making Your Mind Up? Clue– it was the song which won Eurovision for the UK in 1981?

Bucks Fizz

9 The Eagles named a song after a cocktail. What was is called?

Tequila Sunrise

10 James Bond is famous for asking that his martinis are ‘shaken but not stirred’. In which novel did he first use this phrase?

Dr No – 1958

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