Three quick but important stories three: as one door closes, two more open

Decline and Fall of the fossil fuel industry-really? That’s what Jillian Ambrose of The Guardian* reports today. The dual effects of Coronavirus and the new efficiency of alternative energy sources may have produced a tipping point in which this once mighty industry enters into its sunset years. Revenues are expected to fall from $39 trillion to $14 trillion, with a 2% decline in use of fossil fuels every year. Read the link below. To which we might add two things. Firstly, remember how the denialists used to tell us how green energy would never work? Secondly -investors beware-as Jillian says, “fossils” are an enormous component of market valuations, and portfolios. Clearly, a transition is needed. And there are indeed alternative energy markets which shrewd managers would do well to scrutinise. Let’s look at two possible examples below.

If we could make profits from cleaning up pollution, then everyone would be doing it. One hopeful company is Climeworks of Switzerland, which has set up a plant to capture CO2 from the air, and sell it on to people like growers of cucumbers and tomatoes. Definitely two of our favourite vegetables at LSS. We post links below,** and also a summary article by Ali Morris of Dezeen

As for solar power the Mail has a great story by Jonathan Chadwick*. Professor Tan Swee Ching of the National University of Singapore is working on a highly promising new solar panel which can work at low light intensities, maybe even in the shadows. It may even be possible to make a flexible one to wear as a bracelet, so you can charge your phone as you go along. Again, take a look at the link. We thank Mrs Christine Hartley for this last source

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