Three Quick but important stories One: Antibiotics Breakthrough

Today, Gentle readers, the stories are coming in so thick and fast that we are struggling to get them all in. But we think that they are so important that you should know. So we’re going to give you a quick summary, credit the source, and give you the references to read for yourself.

The first is a major breakthrough in the science of new antibiotics. As we all know antibiotic resistance is now a major killer, and it’ll get bigger. Now a team at Princeton led by Professor Zemer Gitai has discovered a compound called SCM 79797. It seems to be showing real effect against even resistant gram negatives like E coli and MRSA. There is a superb article in below* and if you like your news more mainstream, here’s Rhys Blakely in The Times* (spoiler alert-it’s paywalled)

We than Mr John Read of Buckinghamshire for this story.

It will be a long time for any new antibiotic to make it through trials, into production, and then prescription. We need to keep up the pressure to develop new ones all the time. If you want to help, please visit the website of the Charity antibiotics research uk * which we link below. They do sterling work on this and were one of the early groups to warn of this terrible danger. We post a link below.

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