Another Thank you

It is the end of one month, and the start of a new one. We could not resist a line to say thank you to all who have read, contributed or “followed” our little blog. The following list is not inclusive, and if you are not there, then we beg you to forgive our sad oversights and poor IT skills. Also we cannot begin to include twitter and facebook lines-there are too many. So to all mentioned below, and anyone else. Thanks again.

Peter Seymour chittasakrewadi cooking without limits Gary Herbert soundeagle Lindsay Charlton ambitiousblonde Mike Mooney politics with Cw Hannesvon Eeden HLInglese alexmarkovich Steve Day calatorcuintrebarea lluisbusse shevra dest kaye ray dr bogden Jill Lee lovethe001 Martin Ottewill America on coffee wandering ambivert alanrubens and Vivek, whose idea this all was

The list is starting to grow quite large . We do not wish to sound conceited, or, as our Spanish chums might say engreido, but this will be the last time we do nominated thanks. But we will continue to push out something like this every few weeks, because we appreciate your time.

#learningscienceand society

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