The Mojito-a Friday Night Cocktail for warming times

Since the late nineteenth century, global temperatures have risen by 0.8 degrees centigrade. Two- thirds of that rise has been since 1980. This year, southern England has experienced its warmest Spring ever. So we thought that our readers ought to get used to some real tropical-style cocktails, and enjoy them before we all sink beneath the waves. So this week-the Mojito.

Oh, sorry, did someone at the back just say 0.8 degrees isn’t much? Well, briefly, it’s a truly immense amount of heat in a very short time-and it’s getting worse. It only took a rise of a few degrees in a few short centuries to produce the Permian Mass Extinction, the most cataclysmic loss of life on the planet, that made the little affair of the dinosaurs look like a dust-up in a supermarket queue.

Right let’s get on with the cocktail. This week we are indebted to that excellent source of Civilisation BBC Good Food. We’ll try to keep ’em sourcing from as many different sites as possible. in the weeks to come.

You will need: juice of one fresh lime. 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar. A handful of mint leaves +one sprig of the same. Do make sure they are washed if taken from the garden, especially if you have cats or foxes in the neighbourhood. 60ml of white rum, such as Bacardi.

How to do it: Mix up the mint leaves, sugar and lime juice in a jug. Make the mint small, but don’t macerate the leaves. They are there to add flavour, not control it.

Now put them in a tall glass over lots of ice cubes. Add your white rum. You can top up with icy cold soda water to your taste. Stir, and garnish with the mint sprig.

We have found this to be a most refreshing addition to a late afternoon in many a hot climate, and wish all of you the same. While you do it, here is a quote we saw on the interweb, which we quite fancy. We wish to hell we could source it.

“the purpose of a good education is to produce people who will be acceptable at a dance, and utterly dependable in a shipwreck”

Can anyone help?

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