Mr Gary Herbert-an apology

We at Learning, Science and Society must now offer our first correction to a mistake, and offer our first apology. In a previous Blog (Professor Brian Cox…LSS 27 May 2020) we described our correspondent Mr Gary Herbert as being Mr Gary Herbert of Bedfordshire.

In the course of our many conversations listening to Mr Herbert, we came under the impression that he and his family held lands on both sides of the Buckinghamshire-Bedfordshire border. A bit like one of those old Anglo-Norman lords, who had holdings in many counties in England, Normandy and Anjou. Big on wine, cheese and killing the lower orders. You know the ones.

Mr Herbert and his Legal People have advised us that in fact the vital Bedfordshire-Buckinghamshire border abuts, adjoins and therefore borders his lands. He should therefore be known as Mr Gary Herbert of Buckinghamshire, not Mr Gary Herbert of Bedfordshire, as he has been hithertofore described in these annals. We apologise to Mr Herbert for any hurt, distress and inconvenience to him, his family and friends which we have inadvertently caused. In future he will be referred to at all times by his correct title, which is, as attentive readers will recall, Mr Gary Herbert of Buckinghamshire.

We know that many people have referred to him by other terms in the past, but we will not use them here as this is a family blog.

#garyherbert #bedfordshire #buckinghamshire

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