Friday Night is Cocktail Night

And tonight we celebrate the Gibson, in homage to Hitchcock’s stylish thriller North by Northwest, starring Cary Grant, Eva-Marie Saint and old stalwart James Mason. Remember those fifties Hitchcocks? When men shaved properly, wore tailored suits, and a lady knew what gloves to wear to dinner? When it was still possible to cross the United States in a luxurious train and sip a cocktail as the majestic scenery slipped by? Of course, James Bond does scenes with cocktails, and trains, and ladies. And does them well. But for us, there’s nothing like Grant’s silky smooth delivery, and the whole ambience of a time before trains hadn’t quite been killed off by aeroplanes.

Well, even if you haven’t seen the film, here’s what it tasted like. (Editor’s note: we are indebted for this recipe to a site called They use fluid ounces, which we presume must be something like a measure we recommend on normal Fridays.)

2.5 fluid ounces white gin- Gordons is always our first go-to at LSS. 0.5 fluid ounces dry vermouth.

Mix over ice, then pour into a standard cocktail glass. Your garnish is a single pearl olive.

Well happy drinking. Cheers, and may reason prevail over stupidity.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Night is Cocktail Night

  1. I tried a Sloe Comfortable Screw this evening , but I’m so out of practice , I dumped it for an Espresso Martini.


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