We can’t say thank you enough, but we can say it too often

We at LSS are deeply honoured that so many people from so many places around the world have taken the trouble to read, and in some cases, our little blog. To note this is far from saying “look how well we’re doing!” We at LSS regard complacency, self-congratulation and smugness as among the deepest faults of the human psyche. Think of the unfortunate younger Bush administration and its disastrous folly in Iraq, if you want an example.

However there does come a point where numbers have to be acknowledged: and we can no longer thank personally each new follower, however much we value their time. And we do. And so we propose that once a month, we shall thank all readers, including both long-standing and recent, for their time and trouble, and to wish them well in all their enterprises.

#Learning, science and society #keirhartley #catalonia #unitedstates #russia

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