A big thank you

To Mr Lluís Bussé of Catalonia, who is now following us on LSS.

We have particularly happy memories of his homeland, Catalonia. We recommend Tarragona, Barcelona and the beautiful countryside to all visitors-when the lockdown ends! The railway journey from Barcelona to Calafell , as the train winds in and out of tunnels along sandy coves and blue seas, is as exciting as any in Europe.

I have owned two shirts pertaining to FC Barcelona in my time, in order to help with my Iberian and Hispanic studies. Unfortunately one was a fake. Which proves: don’t buy a football shirt from a market, especially when you come out of a bar.

As the man said at the time “ay,senor inglese emborrachada, quieres comprar una camisa del barca, muy barrato? Gracias! I think it may have been a quote from Lope de Vega.

Here are Lluis’ details


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#catalonia #lluisbusse #fcbarcelona

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