What the readers saw

We at LSS have always hoped to act as a gathering place where intelligent and informed people can meet to exchange ideas. To come on this blog, we suspect you to have two considerations in mind: that learning comes from experience; and that wisdom from careful thought.

To this end we present our new section called “what the readers saw”. A gathering of ideas from intelligent people who think YOU should know about things which they think are important to us all.

And so we have the privilege of presenting the snippets they have pulled from this weeks media, in no particular order.

Should we be printing more money? Mr John Read, a businessman from Henley on Thames, draws our attention to a sky news article about top Irish economist David McWilliams, who says that governments and banks should be showering “helicopter money” on ordinary citizens, to get the economy moving after the virus peak has passed. A good idea? Judge for yourself:


We cannot resist telling you that John moonlights as both manager and lead singer of an excellent band called The Covered, whom we have seen perform live on two occasions. Available now for weddings, club dinners and all other conceivable social occasions!

Care Homes and the CoronaVirus: We do not doubt the good intentions of the UK Government, whatever mistakes they may have made. But did an overemphasis on hospital safety leave care homes at risk? Mr Lindsay Charlton, whom some will already recall as a broadcaster and entrepreneur of some note, recommends this well-researched piece from Reuters:


Is there Life On Mars? We have always been fascinated and frustrated by the ambivalent findings of the Viking Mars probes in 1976. Growing evidence suggests that the red planet may once have contained many of the preconditions for a working biosphere. Mr Peter Seymour, an expert in the care of vulnerable people in his day job, draws our attention to the remarkable findings by a team of scientists investigating the famous Allan Hills Martian Meteorite, reported here by Apple News. It seems to contain a curious mix of nitrogen compounds which may yet be precursors to the more complex bio-molecules upon which life depends:


Tagging-the scourge of Facebook. We had seen this word used in our time hanging around the Facebook site, but have not fully understood what it meant. Now Mr Gary Herbert, famous for his many sheds and haunted outbuildings, has explained that it means two things. It can be a simple way of noting the presence of a friend in a photograph, perhaps at a wedding or something like that. But he counsels that it can also be a vexatious method for those one has “cut off” to yet intrude their baleful presence into one’s own little corner of cyberspace. (spoiler alert: we still don’t exactly understand how, but Gary is frightfully clever, and has set us up with more bits of tech than you can subroutine an algorithm with, so he must be right) It is further example of the abuse of the privilege of communication, and we hope Facebook may find a way to stop it.

Do you have any snippets you want to discuss, or think that the Intelligent Community needs to know about? If so , contact us here at Learning, Science and Society. And now we can all go off for our Saturday Night glass of cold beer. Enjoy!

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