Friday Night is….Cocktail Night!

Friends of LSS, it’s so easy to be gloomy about things nowadays, as our last three rather sombre blogs demonstrate. And so it’s time to find a corner of your life, and home, for a little cocktail cheer. This week, another summery one: Planter’s Punch.

What you will need: Shaker, six ice cubes, tall glasses, dark rum, Galliano, orange juice, apricot brandy

How to do it : In the shaker add one measure dark rum, 0.5 measure apricot brandy, 3 measures of fresh orange juice, 1 measure Galliano. Shake over ice.

Decorate: to keep that yellow tropical look, slices of things like lemon and orange, even apricot if you can manage it without cutting your fingers off.

#cocktail #planterspunch

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