Easy to point the finger at Johnson, but….

Today we have the honour to air the views of our first Guest Contributor, Mr Lindsay Charlton. Although we do not necessarily agree with his views, nor those of any of our future guests (and boy, have we got some lined up for you), Mr Charlton has had a successful career as a journalist, broadcaster, Managing Director and successful high tech entrepreneur. A man with a CV like that has to be taken seriously. This is what he says

It would be easy to point a finger solely at Johnson and Hancock for the tragic toll of life in care homes but I suspect history will conclude that our scientists were slow off the mark too. Thirty years as a journalist taught me two things about experts. The first is that they constantly disagree with each other, the second that they hedge their bets. Or am I being harsh?

Lindsay Charlton

To get Lindsay’s full thoughts on this and many issues, go to the following link.


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