Yes, Covid 19 is man-made. But Sars-Cov-2 isn’t

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We at LSS have always admired precise thinking, where possible. And so it is important to distinguish between the disease COVID 19, which we think has been largely man-made, from the virus SARS-Cov-2, which isn’t. Let’s start with the latter, as there have been some amazing claims lately that it has been cooked up by nefarious scientists, at the behest of an evil government somewhere. Today we review an article by Peter Beaumont of the Guardian which deals with this.

Anyone who has even a passing acquaintance with courses in logic will know that one of the basic principles is that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If I assert that there is a large green dinosaur swimming around a lake in Scotland , the burden is on me to produce some very, very strong evidence, as the proposition is contrary to all known geological and zoological experience. So, if you think the virus was engineered, answer these questions:

What are your proofs in virology, statistics, and epidemiology?

Where were these findings peer-reviewed?

SARS-Cov-2 bears overwhelming resemblances to many naturally occurring mammalian viruses. How do you explain that?

Why was the early Wuhan outbreak characterised as predominantly type B, with some type A?

Why was the early outbreak in Guandong predominantly type A, with only some type B?

Who might benefit from spreading disinformation about the virus? Why?

Spoiler alert: If you say “well I saw some top expert on the internet say x y and z”, that is not evidence, it’s for the pub.

The disease COVID 19, on the other hand, is almost entirely of our making. One may wax lyrically angry about the failures to control the escape of the virus. The appalling failures in public health which have led to widespread problems with smoking, obesity, cardiovascular and a range of other health problems which have left sufferers appallingly vulnerable. The atrocious atmospheric pollution in so many cities around the world. The exaltation of “growth”,- which seems to us a brash process of outing up huge concrete boxes where people spend 16 hours a day watching each other on computer screens-over things like education and health. And ignorant greedy people crashing into delicate ecosystems and robbing them of their precious plants and animals.

That’s how we created this disease.

The two articles below will give you more, and the BBC one in particular has many references.

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