Friday Night is cocktail night

picture by Christine Hartley

Yesterday was St George’s Day in England and many of our friends were celebrating as best they could, in spite of the lockdown. We hope and believe that by next year the pubs will be back open and they can celebrate once more in their normal way with many pints of their favourite fine olde Englishe ales!

But, cocktail pickers, there is another drink that is also quintessentially English. That had its origins in England of beautiful gardens, fine lawns and Oxbridge Colleges, Inns of Court, the deep greens of Surrey golf courses and Hampshire forests. We refer to Pimms, which has been steadily moving outwards from its roots to embrace barbecues and evening sundowns, without ever losing a drop of class. So why not follow our recipe, mix one up, and dream of some summer in the future when you are back at Glyndebourne, Ascot, or pulling a fast one at Henley!

Be advised: this recipe is designed to fill one glass. You can scale up to make a pitcher for a St George’s Day parties.

What you will need:

5 good sized ice cubes

3 slices fresh sweet orange I strawberry cut into pieces 3 slices of lemon 3 slices cucumber sprig of fresh mint

3 measures of cold lemonade (diet is just about OK here

2 measures Pimms No 1 Cup

add all to a chilled hurricane glass in the above order. (although if you can get a glass with the Pimms logo, it looks great) A nice mixer rod helps- see above

Final Thoughts: In our discussion and research for this blog, we took counsel from the noted journalist, broadcaster and business entrepreneur Mr Lindsay Charlton. He recommends adding an extra measure of gin to the above, But otherwise, basically, he says it’s alright

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