Suzanne Parker, Heroine. But does she have to do it all alone?

We’ve all heard about online romance scams. Heartless frauds who wreck lives, and finances, by preying on people who are terrifyingly lonely, bereaved, or deeply lacking on street sense.

Now Bristol woman Suzanne Parker is using her computer to take them on. In an excellent article in today’s Daily Mail by Jenny Johnstone, she lists her Scammer Warning Signs, which help you to decide if the new Love of Your Life is a bit dodgy. * Read it for yourself, but here are a few:

Something odd in their story conflicts with regulations like Health and safety (who works alone on an oil rig?)

They have an amazing job-astronaut, MI5 agent , astronaut. Businessman is a good one, asit hides a multitude of sins.

They are doing amazingly well, but just right now are short of money. Lots of it.

Their grammar and spelling are odd, and even inconsistent. Are two people writing these messages?

We recommend that you read the full storyin the article below. The question for us is-why does Suzanne have to do this on her own. Scammers have two advantages. Firstly the isolation of their victims. In our modern, atomised society, the lonely individual is always going to get less of the breaks when they are up against an organised gang. Secondly, the scammers can operate across national boundaries. There is currently no single jurisdiction, nor intelligence network, nor co-ordinated operation against them.

It’s an international crime, and it won’t go away until an international agency is tasked to deal with it. How about Suzanne Parker to head it up?


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