Are you a Scientist, a Politician, or a Conspiracy Theorist? Here’s how to tell at once

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In an article which is so clearly written that I could never hope to match it, Guardian writer Jim Al-Khalil shows you how to distinguish between the three types of people whom you will meet during this crisis. Which one are YOU?

The Scientist: Making mistakes is the cornerstone of knowledge. As new data emerges, you change your mind and opinions. Doubt is at the centre of your mental processes, because it opens the door to new knowledge, but you are never completely certain.

The Politician: You are in command at all times, You have no doubts. New data and questions are to be avoided or dodged where possible, as they threaten your authority.

The Conspiracy Theorist You claim to be a sceptic. But you are always certain. So you interpret any new data whatsoever in a way that confirms your existing belief.

The results

The Scientist: You can come across as a bit odd, but you can be pleased to have given us electricity, medicines, powered transport and safe foods, without which the other two would be stuffed. Take quiet satisfaction.

The Politician: You are charismatic and intelligent and your sex life is often very colourful indeed. (we are too polite to ask about your financial affairs) You give us rules, wars, schools and things to talk about. Be pleased with that, instead of always looking in the mirror.

The Conspiracy Theorist: Okay, your accommodation can be a little small and cramped, and the least said about your hair and teeth, the better. But you bravely battle on in the face of all adversity and common sense, showing that there is nothing so odd as folk, as the old saying has it. Oh-and don’t look in the mirror.

The question is: from being a tiny unformed new–born infant, how did all three of you end up like that?

Jim Al Khalil Guardian Doubt is essential for scientists, but for politicians it’s a sign of weakness

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