COVID19 and the end of antibiotics-whaaaatt?

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I know what you’re thinking- we’ve gone mad! Bacteria are bacteria, proper little creatures with cell walls, and you treat them with antibiotics. A virus is something quite different, and certainly will not respond to antibiotics. Any schoolchild knows that. So, how can SARS-Cov-2 cause us to run out of antibiotics?

The answer is secondary infections. As you become ill from coronavirus, your body becomes vulnerable to the attacks of all sorts of nasty bacteria. Which want to eat you every bit as much as the coronavirus does. So the medical teams have to start pumping large quantities of antibiotics into you. They are a wasting asset. Resistance is going to build up.

But it’s better explained here by the staff at Antibiotics Research UK. Get reading. And please, please please, get donating.

#Antibiotics #coronavirus #antibioticresistance

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