It’s not all gloom and doom-there’s always cocktails

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Dear Readers; regular followers of this blog will have detected a certain earnestness, a seriousness of purpose and almost total lack of the Lighter Touch.

We at this blog are big fans of the Lighter Touch, and are aware that you can’t be worthy all the time.

So, as followers of our old Facebook page (what’s that?-ed) will know, every Friday I try to make a little corner for that good old cornerstone of civilisation-The Cocktail Hour

Bar, Beverage, Cocktail, Drink, Glass

We’ll be discussing how to make ’em. The best flavours. What to wear while drinking them. The best music. And so on. But above all, we want your thoughts. What’s your favourite? Where was the best cocktail you ever drank drunk?

Tell us at Learning, Science and Society. It’s about so much more than the science

Cocktail, Drink, Glass, Bar, Alcohol

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One thought on “It’s not all gloom and doom-there’s always cocktails

  1. Can I suggest that the team come up with a special cocktail in honour of the virus du jour, Coronavirus! I would expect a vodka base, with chocolate( creme de cacao) and sprinkles of chopped up gummy bears. Over to you Jill x

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