Transactional Analysis, and why it makes you proud to be British

London, England, Great Britain, Uk

The nightly press briefings from Downing Street, where we usually have a minister and one or two senior scientists or health professionals, are always done in such a calm, thoughtful and grown up way, that it “fair makes yer proud, guv’nor”. The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak is always good , and I could post honourable mentions for several others. However, I suspect the tone is set at the top, so full marks. The journalists ask intelligent questions, and the replies are always couched in professional tones. Of course there is argy bargy, politics and tough interchanges. Humans are competitive animals, and if you don’t like that, go and join another species. I won’t stop you. My overall impression is of a bunch of grown ups at a business seminar.

Those who have had even a passing brush with Transactional Analysis will know why. Both sides treat each other like adults. For those who don’t know TA, I include a Wiki post below. In the meantime, here is a brief tutorial. TA states that we communicate with each other in three ego states-Parent, Child and Adult. It is the adult-adult discussions which are rational, and based on fact and reason. That is where the British Press Conferences are. Ideas are put up, criticised, and tested. (That’s the process by which we got out of the caves, by the way)

The destructive and wasted conversations come where one side tries to act like a bullying critical parent. And the other like a child, alternating between sulky rebellion and whining for a strong daddy.

For those of you on the Left, it is not shameful , nor is it chauvinistic, to be proud of your country when it does something well. This is such a case.

How very different is my impression of the situation pertaining in the United States of America!

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