Origins of Coronavirus-1

Bat, Vampire, Decoration, Halloween

It’s really important to know about the origins of the SARS Coronavirus 2. If only to predict the next one, and avoid another crash. Zoonoses(diseases that jump from animals to humans) have been occurring for thousands of years. We will be returning to this theme in future blogs. To get the ball rolling, here is an excellent article from the Guardian by Graham Redfearn. Excellent for the clarity of writing. Excellent for the questions it asks

Was it the Wuhan Animal Market?

What is the role of bats? And pangolins?

How easily does it jump species?

Will it hit cats? Pigeons? Sheep? What else?

Is it still evolving? And where?

Graham gives a superb kick off for anyone who wants to follow these questions

#Coronavirus #Pangolins #WuhanWetMarket #OriginsCoronavirus

all our images are from the excellent Pixabay site check it out!

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